Sunday, March 14, 2010

What If?

About a month ago, I was really thinking about how I think so much that I don't do. Here are my thoughts:

What if I was known as a Christian on my job? What if people knew they could come to me for prayer? What if they felt comfortable coming to me for Christian advice? What if when I went over people’s house I didn’t have to act Christian? What if it was okay with me if others made fun of me because I was a Christian?

What if I went shopping with my family and people could see that I was different in a good way? What if when I talked people always stopped and listened? What if when I prayed it didn’t take me an hour before I actually felt like God was hearing me? What if when I prayed over people I had enough faith for them to be delivered, healed and set free from whatever? What if when I encouraged people I actually listened to the Holy Spirit and just told them what God wanted me to tell them? What if I had a spiritual gift? What if I had the ability to help someone come to Christ?

What if I lived consistent enough in my character so that others just automatically saw the Christ in me? What if everywhere I went I was just subconsciously focused on living right, talking right, and really living the life I always talk about having?

What if I didn’t give people my opinion of the bible and just conveyed what the bible actually says? What if I actually became a doer of the word and not only a listener like I usually am? What if I actually understood that talk was cheap and that I really had to walk this Christian thing out to really make an impact and a difference?

What if I really loved my wife as Christ loved me? What if I wasn’t so selfish how easier my relationship with other people would be?

What if I just did whatever Christ told me to do by just listening to his still small voice inside of me?

We are all wanting to be something special...something huge in our lives. We all want to make a big impact for ourselves. What if we just did the things that we knew to do according to God’s word? How much more would God take us to the things he has for us because we stopped saying ...what if?

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