Sunday, May 23, 2010

Christ in HD!

High definition enhances the clarity and the focus of a picture and enhances the quality of what one is seeing. When I think of the idea of Christ in HD I think about him being more defined or highly defined in my life. How can I make Christ in HD in my life? What more can I do to make the evidence of Christ in my life more clearer, more relevant, more powerful that what others are currently seeing in my life?

Seeing that relationship with the father is what ultimately enhances Christ's presence in my life, I need to spend more time praying and enjoying quality time with the Father. Not just in morning prayer, but while riding in my car to work, while taking a lunch break, while shopping, etc. My life should be a clear example of the integrity and character of Christ.

Lord please show me what is stopping the process of upgrading and accessing your power in my life to impact others.