Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cd Cover for my Album Be Free!

This is the cd cover for my album Be Free which is scheduled to release on November 27, 2009. This is an exciting time for me as I finally release my music to the masses! 

Cd Album BE FREE Set To Release November 27, 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        Contact: Lauren Cross


 NOVEMBER 27,2009

BOSTON, MA - October 21, 2009) - Solomon Cross' debut album titled Be Free is scheduled to be released on November 27, 2009

To listen to 3 singles from the album click on the link:

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About the CD Album Be Free

Birthed from a time in Solomon's life when he felt like he was in bondage, Be Free is a project that allowed Solomon to believe again in the impossible.  Cross says, "I lived life like I was never going to realize my dreams and passions. I believed that I would be in bondage to this way of thinking forever." A dramatic change happened when God inspired Solomon to write music that would lead him out of his doubt and into a new season of joy and fulfillment.   

A compilation of original compositions that embody the theme of liberty and perseverance, Be Free is all about fighting for who you are. With a driving back beat and words that motivate the least inspired, this album conveys a sense of urgency to just go for your God given passion. Solomon's classically influenced voice combines unique contemporary christian arrangements with varying styles. Ranging from contemporary gospel to jazz, this album seeks to encourage those who are in desperate need to find out who they are in Christ. At times meditative, these songs are mere reflections of Solomon's personal journey through a tough season of uncertainty.

About Solomon Cross

The music of Solomon Cross inspirits the mixture of the classical voice rejoicing in the presence of pure gospel.His transparent communication inspires in a way that changes lives. His music brings hope and encouragement!

Up and coming artist, Solomon Cross is a classically trained baritone with strong gospel roots. Singing gospel at his fathers church at an early age, Solomon knew that he had a gift to sing. His ability to perform in the classical arena and in the church has made him a versatile artist who introduces fans to the gospel and classical genres, both of which are close to his heart. His first album (to be released Friday November 27, 2009) will be the debut of his original contemporary gospel songs. In 2010 Cross plans to release his classical album which will combine his selection of negro spirituals as well as original classical compositions.

A native Texan, singer/songwriter Solomon Moses Cross studied at McLennan Community College and later transfered to the University of Houston's Moores School of Music where he received his bachelors in vocal performance in 2005. In December of 2007 he graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music where he received his masters degree in vocal performance. In April 2007, Mr. Cross was the baritone soloist for Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass performed in Jordan Hall, conducted by Amy Lieberman. He was also the soloist in Bach cantata 78 Jesu, der du meine Seele, performed in Brown Hall at New England Conservatory.

A classical and contemporary christian artist, Solomon  loves to perform works for the concert stage such as gospel, oratorios, cantatas, sacred songs and spirituals. He collaborated with Conductor Peter Lea-Cox of the Lecosaldi Ensemble of London as the baritone soloist in Bach cantata 182 Himmelskonig, sei willkommen at Christ Lutheran Church in Falmouth, Ma. A guest soloist at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Weston, Mr. Cross performed Lord God of Abraham from the Oratorio Elijah.

He currently resides in the Greater Boston area with his beautiful wife Lauren. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Time to begin the Journey of a cd project!

So, I'm working on a cd project. I have 25 songs written and I'm in the process of recording about 12-13 of them to make into my debut cd. My goal is to do a little in the studio each day, but I couldn't have planned for the days that teaching wore me out like today.  I have not done a thing in the studio today because I can barely think straight. I will work hard to do better in the future. In the meantime I can use alot of prayer for this project because I am working hard to see the finished product realized. For years I have performed all over Texas and Massachusetts and many people have come to me asking me if I had a cd or some material that they could buy. As I watched them, money in hand, I had to say that I had nothing that they could take home with them to enjoy in their car or at their home. When I said this they would leave, walking away confused as if they didn't understand why I didn't have a cd out already. For years I have struggled with even picturing myself with a cd out, let alone recording music. 

So many people have poured into me that it is now time to give something back. God has blessed me with a gift and it is an insult to not make that gift available so that my music ministry can touch lives again and again. With that, I am diligently working from my home studio. I have spent about 2 years buying recording equipment and now I have enough to get started. My wife is an AMAZING photographer and she has already given me a photo shoot that I will use for my cd cover and jacket. All I need to do is continue to record the instruments, have recordings of my voice that I am happy with, mix the tracks, and then finally master the entire album (all of which I plan to do all by myself.) I have found a company who can make the cd's for me and then I will be all set. 

This is a very exciting time, because I have always thought about doing this but now the time has come to step out and trust God on this. Continue to look out for updates on this as I will keep you informed as to the progress of this major project. Thanks for all of your support!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Welcome Readers!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking a look at my new blog. I got interested in this blogging business because my wife is a huge blogger and she thought it would be something that I could get into. So, here I am!

My big interest are music, my faith, and just my life in general, so I wanted to have a blog that I could journal mainly in those 3 areas. 

I hope reading my blog will not only make you think, but that it will encourage you to do whatever you feel compelled to do in your life. I will do my best to share stories, links, and anything else that could give you something to think about, and how that information can be applied to your life. Looking forward to your comments and your thoughts as I start this new adventure online!