Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Time to begin the Journey of a cd project!

So, I'm working on a cd project. I have 25 songs written and I'm in the process of recording about 12-13 of them to make into my debut cd. My goal is to do a little in the studio each day, but I couldn't have planned for the days that teaching wore me out like today.  I have not done a thing in the studio today because I can barely think straight. I will work hard to do better in the future. In the meantime I can use alot of prayer for this project because I am working hard to see the finished product realized. For years I have performed all over Texas and Massachusetts and many people have come to me asking me if I had a cd or some material that they could buy. As I watched them, money in hand, I had to say that I had nothing that they could take home with them to enjoy in their car or at their home. When I said this they would leave, walking away confused as if they didn't understand why I didn't have a cd out already. For years I have struggled with even picturing myself with a cd out, let alone recording music. 

So many people have poured into me that it is now time to give something back. God has blessed me with a gift and it is an insult to not make that gift available so that my music ministry can touch lives again and again. With that, I am diligently working from my home studio. I have spent about 2 years buying recording equipment and now I have enough to get started. My wife is an AMAZING photographer and she has already given me a photo shoot that I will use for my cd cover and jacket. All I need to do is continue to record the instruments, have recordings of my voice that I am happy with, mix the tracks, and then finally master the entire album (all of which I plan to do all by myself.) I have found a company who can make the cd's for me and then I will be all set. 

This is a very exciting time, because I have always thought about doing this but now the time has come to step out and trust God on this. Continue to look out for updates on this as I will keep you informed as to the progress of this major project. Thanks for all of your support!

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