Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life With The Father

As my heart is beating I can feel the sense of touch in my hand as I lay cuddled on the couch with my dear wife.

God allows me to see and to feel and to hear and to live. A being that can experience so many things. It’s funny how I think how He must see me, a person trying to make everything but Him matter more than the ultimate idea.

God is present. Always in our midst He exist in every part of my life. The very fact that I exist is the proof that He exist.

Science can’t explain Him. I mean He created science.

So, as I sit here and ponder this existence of mine, how I try and make my job matter and plan out the next 30 years of my life, how I try and plan to buy a home and to have kids, how I try to understand my wife and those close to my sphere of influence, I am starting to get it. If I embrace more the idea of Him there is no end of me. There is no end, only a new beginning. A new experience that is closer and more relational, a matter of the heart that is full of pure expressions and totally not about what matters to me, but what matters to Him. In this new beginning the idea of relationship becomes more supreme all in itself and everything else is sub par.

Christ and His effectiveness in my life can be more than it is today if I just understand His goal of relationship with me. Why I think He is more concerned with what I want in this life, I don’t know. Death ensures me that I will leave this arena on earth and go somewhere else. Death proves God’s point that I don’t need to work so hard to prove to this place anything, or to see this place as the finish line. I have found that this is a place that God created for me to practice relationship with Him. That’s ultimately it. He allows all this other stuff that bombards our lives to allow us to practice relationship with Him during the good and bad times. As we naturally always focus on those times He is always there to say, “Hey Solomon, look up I am right here. I am with you. These experiences will come and go. I will bring a new experience tomorrow and the next day and the next day. Just continue to work on communicating with me.
How much we pray shows how much we value relationship.

My last breath here will just be another experience that the father walks me through before I graduate to being closer to Him in relationship

Communication with God is all we have and it is the best thing that we have. It’s time to embrace all that comes with connecting with Him.

As we connect with this idea of relationship (which is all that matters) then we start to live where we are at. we look at life like a vacation where anything can happen but we are cool with it because whatever happens we know who we are with. And if we finally get over our insecurity and let go of the thinking that we all have, that He could leave us, then we will fall into a trust that is the strength that takes us through anything. That is why jesus said death where is your sting, and grave where is your victory. Jesus trusted in the relationship with His father and although he had some pretty horrible life experiences he had the strength to go through all of them and still exist because he trusted in relationship.

Right now take the idea of God and the relationship with Him and stack it on top of everything that matters to you right now and leave it there. Make that idea your most sincere concern forever. As you do this you will live life to your fullest potential and have no regrets because now every step is relational with the father and that is the purpose of your existence.

-Solomon Cross

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